Monday, 27 February 2017

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

My favourite App for editing my photos at the moment is Aviary, the app has a number of filters and effects along with the function of changing a number of aspects of an image. Using the app you can crop,blur,focus,whiten,add text along with many other features.
i start off my opening the app, for this example i have used an image of this beautiful building in London, this image is particularly dark and the features of the building cannot be seen so using the app we are gonna fix this. Once i open up the image i go on 'ADJUST' here you will see you will be able to change brightness, exposure ect..
I begin with Adjusting the Brightness which i find can transform a picture completely, i play around with the intensity until i feel like it looks just right, for this picture i choose +100 as the original image was quite dark.
I then turned the contrast up to +63 to add more depth and distinguish the key features of the picture.
I added some saturation to increase the colour of the light and windows, be sure to only add small amounts as it can affect the quality of the image.
Next using the HIGHLIGHT tool i increased it up to 83, highlights emphasized the whiteness and therefore making the sky crisp and clean.
Finally i lowered the SHADOWS down to -60, this makes the black in the image even darker.
Before / After

Image Recap
Brightness +100
Contrast +63
Saturation +49
Highlights +83
Shadows -63


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Luxury Buys | Valentino,Gucci,Burberry

The first Item I picked up is the Valentino Uomo Fragrance. This incredible scent smells of Bergamont, Coffee and cedar wood and is perfect for those who prefer sweeter light scents rather than musky and strong. The stunning bottle is covered in rockstuds which have become a classic sight throughout Valentino products these past few seasons. i purchased mine at Harvey Nichols and I purchased the 100Ml. I bought the gift set as it was the same price as the bottle on its own, and it includes a body lotion. (see below for link)

 After much consideration i decided to Give in and finally try out Gucci belts. After the large gucci craze the past few seasons i could not help my self. i went for a classic and subtle colour which would be perfect for school and other events. The matte black hardware looks great against jeans and smart trousers and can easily be worn with the stud closure. The belt comes in 4 Italian sizes, i recommend going into the store and trying them on. (see below for link)
My final Purchase of 2016 was This stunning Burberry check shirt which i had been eyeing over for the past few months and to my surprise i found it on the burberry end of year sale! Reduced from £200 to around £140 i could not pass this up. Available in an array of colours such as blue, purple and the classic Burberry print, this classic cut shirt is perfect for casual and smart events. I chose mine in a deep red/Burgundy as it can be worn well in all seasons.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Lunch At Burberry | Regent Street

After seeing and hearing about Thomas's Cafe/restaurant at the Burberry Store on Regent Street (London) in blogposts and Instagram pictures, i simply had to go and check out the food and what this place had to offer. Just a few minutes walk away from Piccadilly Tube station, the gorgeous flagship burberry store is the perfect place to eat and shop. As we entered the store, the help full staff guided us to the restaurant where we were served and taken to our pre booked table. (we booked using 

Our bags and coats were taken to the cloakroom and we were seated at a beautiful table near a window overlooking the streets of central London. The ambience was perfect,with gentle music and quite chatter among guests. The interior had a sort of old english vibe to it which suits the personality of Burberry well. 

For food i choose to go with 2 small dishes rather than one main, i chose the Cheese Croquettes with Shallot Puree and chips along with a festive pomegranate and cinnamon drink. My friend Choose the Bertha Roasted Asparagus with poached eggs along with a lemonade. Our waiter was extremely kind and offered the drinks to be complimentary due to the food arriving later than expected. The service was excellent and food was extremely delicious and filling.

After eating the main we decided not to go for a dessert. We decided to go have a look around this magnificent store, the store was full of festive christmas trees and clients were being served glasses of champagne. All in all the experience was extremely pleasant and i would 100% recommend to go and give it a try.

Here are a few pictures i took of the day, 
Enjoy x


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Festive Dinner At Vermillion

Last week i was in Manchester and decided to try out one of the well known restaurants around the area, Vermillion Cinnabar.Located in Central Manchester  The enticing and luxury eastern atmosphere immediately draws one in. With stunning decor and smells this restaurant brings you to enjoy an amazing meal. The 3 story labyrinth, created by Miguel Cancio serves high quality Indian and Thai food.

The top floor, filled with 'cocoons' and floating lights, offers a large yet intimate place for parties and events along with the bar serving drink and cocktails. The second floor is the main dining area with large tables and seats to accommodate guests. For the festive season it was decked out with green garnishes and brightly coloured crackers were laid out on the tables for guests to open.
For starters we had a selection of kebabs, Salmon fish, Lamb chops,  spring rolls and samosas along with a salt featuring mango.
The main course was a selection of Indian curries such as lentils, chicken and lamb followed by a light dessert of ice cream (unfortunately i was to busy scoffing it down and forgot to take pictures!)


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide For Her | Under £100

Christmas is looming over us now and as the streets begin to get festive and shopping centres busy, its time to start thinking about buying gifts for our loved ones, Especially the special ladies in our lives. Wether your looking for a gift for a partner, mother , sister or even a grandmother, here are few gifts that they will love and be spoiled by and wont break the bank!

i hope you find inspiration from this guide and make sure you share with someone who you think is struggling to find the perfect affordable luxury gift.

1 | Diptyque Paris Candle
Who doesn't love having their house smell like a christmas tree forest or a baker? well the new Diptyque Christmas range will be sure to provide the scents and smells which have christmas written all over them! The stunning new range of three candles available are a perfect portrayal of luxurious christmas scents. Available in a mini size (70g) and a larger size (190g) If unsure which scent to pick, a set of 3 mini candles is also available (see below)
The three scents are :
  • Un Ences Etoile (sparkling incense- woody, vanilla, incense, elemi)
  • Les Roi Sapin (Festive fir tree- woody, pine, patchouli)
  • Èpices Et Dèlices (delicious spices- gingerbread, honey, star anise) shown below

2 | Chanel Makeup
Who doesn't like makeup? it makes you look and feel pretty! This season tons of brands have launched limited edition palettes, lipstick, brushes ect. This year why not treat your loved ones with some luxurious Chanel makeup. Wether it be a lipstick, a blush or even a make up mirror, this brand never fails to impress with its classy packaging and popping colours. 
Show below is the Chanel lipstick in in number 438 (suzanne) and Joues Contraste powder blush in Rose initial

3 | Perfume
Perfume is the Classic christmas gift to get someone who you have no clue what to buy for! An easy and affordable way of buying a luxury brand is to try out a perfume. Hundreds of perfumes are out there on the market,from sweet scents to woody to spicy, brands keep releasing new and amazing scents. 
Shown below are 2 options, This new twist on the classic Dior fragrance J'adore is a stunning scent with notes of orange essence, Neroli and Rose. The second is the Dolce Rosa by Dolce & Gabanna this is a 'classic, unique fragrance with top notes of Papaya Flower and Neroli Leaves (both shown below) 
Also shown below are a few more options!

4 | Cardholders
Cardholders are a great option for a luxury lover, these inexpensive pieces are highly practical and come in a variety of designs, colours, materials Ect for less than £100, cardholders can be found from brands such as Michael Kors, DKNY, Kate Spade and even some higher end ones from brands such as Fendi in the sale (Shown below) This is a perfect item to buy someone who is into there luxury goods and would greatly appreciate it.

5 | Designer IPhone Case
A new Phone case is the perfect gift for a Phone addict! Designers such as Stella Mccartney and Moschino (shown below) are releasing the coolest and craziest phone cases this season. Tech Cases have come along way, back in the day they used to be about function but now they have become another fashion accessory. Wether its a Pack of pills from Moschino or a rainbow cloud from Stella Mccartney this trend of chunky phone cases is here to stay.

(Top left to right- Moschino, Stella Mccartney, Stella Mccartney, Stella Mccartney
bottom - Givenchy, Stella Mccartney)


Sunday, 6 November 2016

Black & White Bonfire Night

Another year has flown past yet again, 2016 is almost over and as the days get shorter and night get
colder, before you even know halloween and bonfire night are upon us. Guy Fawkes night (or bonfire night as we know it now) is a British celebration where the skies are filled with bright fireworks and people go to colourful displays and bonfires. Originating from 1605 when Guy Fawkes, a member of the gunpowder plot, was arrested while guarding explosives beneath the house of lords. Since then it has become a family friendly day in which fireworks are lit and bonfires burnt.

Using my trusty Samsung smart camera i took these awesome pictures with the help of the convenient 'firework' smart mode. 

 "Remember Remember The Fifth Of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot"


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Navy Blazer Polo Day



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